Canoe safety tips

When canoeing, you need to learn the safety measures required for you, you never know what will happen there, and it’s good to always be prepared for anything. So below are some canoe safety tips that you must know.

Bring proper equipment

There are some of the things you need to bring along, for instance, life vests, sun protection, i.e., pants, sunscreen, and hats. First aid kit, map to guide you so that you don’t get lost, and a lot of food and water.

Always sit on the seats or at the center. Don’t hang at the end

Stay low, do not move when the canoe has already taken off

Never canoe in bad weather

When getting into the canoe, make sure there is someone holding the canoe steady.

When walking to your seats, make sure you grab the sides of the canoe

Make sure you walk along the center

Avoid moving from side to side. You never know about accidents

It’s important to wear your life jacket because accidents occur and you might fall in the water unexpectedly

Keep an eye on the currents of water

Other canoe tips

Paddle or push canoe to the shore –

Do not panic no matter what

Make sure you have extra clothing and store them in a waterproof container

Stay with your canoe

Tie all your equipment to the canoe

When planning to try canoeing, you should have these tips on your fingertips, not what you need to carry and what rules you should follow when there.

Once you know these tips, you are good to go. So make sure you take your life jacket with you and always remember to stay safe and relax. Don’t panic. Just have fun.

The first time could be hard, but once you do it more than once, things could be much better next time.