Benefits of Canoeing You Didn’t Know About

Canoeing is an amazing low-impact activity that adds to your flexibility, strength, and your aerobic fitness. It is also a good way for you to get together with family and friends if your idea of having fun is more active while improving your health ( If you are wondering if you should consider canoeing, here are some of its benefits :

1. Health

Being a low-impact activity, it makes it suitable for people who can’t indulge in heavy exercises. It is good for your cardiovascular fitness. It also enhances your muscle strength, particularly your chest, arms, back, and shoulders ( Continuous canoeing ensures good leg and torso strength. Also, your tissues and joints do not tire as much as it’s a low-impact activity.

2. Emotional

Canoeing can do wonders to your mental, psychological, and emotionally being. As you traverse on the still waters, that in itself is a refreshing thing to the mind. Water is known to provide a sense of peace.

Also, it gives you time alone to think and meditate upon your life. This is because you are away from the noise that comes with being surrounded by people around.

Besides, it gives you an opportunity to explore nature in its entirety. As you roar around, you come across various trees, birds, mountains, waters, and all that is known to be nature.

In addition, it gives you an opportunity to do activities such as fishing which can be relaxing to the mind.

3. Enhances Your Endurance

Since the activity takes hours, it enables you to build your stamina. Canoeing for two to three days a week enables you to handle tasks that require lots of effort without easily caving in.

4. Increases your focus

Canoeing helps alleviate stress and increases your happiness. This ensures that the hormones responsible for the aforementioned (dopamine and serotonin) are quite present in your body which in return makes you a very focused genius.

Canoeing may be considered an adventurous activity for those who love fun. However, it comes with benefits that can change your life for the better. Are you stressed out and looking for a way to meditate and be alone with nature for a change? Canoeing can help with that.